The best adventure films

This year's Kendal Festival was a treasure trove of cutting edge film-making. Compared to a few years ago it's fascinating to see how drone technology has had a positive impact on the quality of shots. Drone footage and climbing particularly complement each other. As always though the very best films are those that have a human angle. Below are a section of some of the best films out there at the moment - in my humble opinion of course.

Eclipse showing at Kendal is an outrageously ambitious ski film, refreshing for it's expedition take and the dedication required in getting that 'perfect' shot. A great sound track and well worth watching the full half-hour. Also do take a look at Freefall featuring Martin Kristensen. Just three minutes long it captures beautifully the magic of sky diving. It won the Kendal award for the best sound. Below that are a further four shorts - all beautifully filmed. Enjoy!